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action that may result in a suspension or stoopage of work ould have an adverse effe. nearly 15-thousand dockworrers along the east and gulf in baltimoor. remain open all the time at maryland casinos. so how much mmre money will it mean for casinos and then ... state?? joel d. smith is live at "maryland llve" now to exxecting. joeel how 3pbusy is it? - 3 3 3 p3 into the d-n-a of the man ellmentary school massacre... foo clues as to what ade him s. a first-of--ts-kind study... geneticists areedoing a complete nalysis of adam for mutations ssociated with - mmntal illness... that could lead to an increaseddrisk for violence.but experts sayythat there's o proof thattppople with those genes will copy lanza's behavior.lanza shot including 20 childree... on december 14tt. in the aftermath of thee newtown massacre... petitioners... are nowwasking the stratford town counccl... of... 27-year-old victoria r soto.she'' the teachhr at sandy hook elementary school who rushed her students into a closet and died tryyng to shield them from the bullets. soto... was from
activists. with so muuh at stake, senator joon mccain says it may be time to takee action. if true these reports may mean that he united states and our allies are imminent uss of weapons of mass destruction in syria and this may be the last warnnng we get. the time for talking about what to do may nnw be comiig to a close and we may and vvry difficult deccsion. syrian refugee camp at the jordan-syria border thursday. for the united natioo's &prefugee agency. it was her second official mission to the region in three months. i'm ed payne reporting. uus secretary of state hillary clinton met thursday with the p-n speccal envoy to syria and russia's foreign minister... asspart of a new u.s. diplomatic push on syria. ttday marks 71 years... since theeattack on pearllharbor. nearly 24-hundred americans were kiiled and 12-hundred injured... wwen japanese &pfighters bombed and sank 12 naval vessels... and damaged 9 arizona sank in less than 9 minutes... aater a bomb preeched its deck andd exploded. peopleeacross theecountry are commemorating thee anniversary... with various events through
progress..rotest nat -3 nat 3 family and frienns oo anthonn anderson called for action deputy sheriff's looked oo. &panderson's death was uued a homicide... but city state's attorney gregggbeenstein has yet to make a determination if the officers iivolvee broke the lawwandeeson's mother is now ppshing for answers. 3 06::5:37 "iiveeseen the whole thing. it's nothing nobody told me it's what i saw. so what are you going to do now, - kill us?" us?"prosecutoos ell fox 45... the iivestiggtion is ongoong. -3&p3 aanewwrecall coold affect the items... sitting underryour &&pchristmas tree. & tree.a toyycalledd"water balz" - and itss ther varieties: "growing skulls"... "h-2-o ffowers"... are being recalled... for ingestion iss. the toys absorb watee... andd can expand 400 times theer original size. that's big ttouble if a chiid swallows -3 one. he voluutary ecall haapened... after a baby toy after eating it last year. 3 a young girl takes on major company... and ins. 133year-old mckennaapope - petitioned for hasborooto make pender-neutral "easy-bake ovenn"...
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3